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On Sunday 12th August’06 Hikersworld takes you on an adventure  to one of our favorite hiking destinations Mal’Destomac /Paragrant Bay located on the foothills of  Paramin . Truly a hidden treasure for all to see.  Assembly 7.00am in front of Central Bank Auditorium.See details below

For further information please contact  Emile:389-7441,740-2860 , Lisa 727-5086, Dave 678-1484 or Mario 749-2956.

Special Features  of  Mal ‘Destomac /Paragrant

1. One of the most attractive  beaches on our North Coast ,sandy with gentle waves  plus a stream to rinse in.

2. Fantastic views of Sauté Deau Island ,La Vache Bay and North Coast ( cameras a must )

3. A perfect exercise hike to test your fitness. 

4. Friendly villagers (feel free to bring along a gift )


Direction To Start Of Trail

On the Maracas North Coast Road after the 3.5km you will see a steep concrete road located on your left ,proceed up  this road  and drive westerly along the ridge for a mile until you meet a junction .This is the starting point of the hike.  GPS Location :N10 44.706 ,W61 30.715


Hike Trail Leg .1  (Time ) 1 hour  downhill

The hike is a circuit hike meaning we return to our stating point via another route .Overwhelm by a picturesque scene of breath-taking views of Sauté Deau  Island we trek downhill for about a 1/2 mile before we enter a track  into the bush.It takes about an hour to reach the beach.GPS Location:N10 45.304

W61 30.135


Hike Trail Leg.2 (Return )

Rating (5) strenuous 

Time  1 1/4 hrs- 2  hrs (depending on your fitness level)  .

Distance :  3 miles

Height :1719 feet

After we enjoy the beach and rinse in the cool stream  our return route to the cars is three miles .The trek uphill  is  steep, on a privately pitch-road suitable for 4 wheelers here is where your fitness level will be tested but you always have the option to take a breather  and glimpse at the superb views of LaVache Bay. Bring along at least 1 litre of water and a cap  .We will be hiking  to 1719 feet to reach the top of the ridge.At the end of the private road (2 miles) there is a gate barrier  turn right and continue walking westerly along the ridge for a further mile.Refreshments await you. 



August ‘07



From the scenic Paramin Hills, we trek downhill to La Vache Bay. Fantastic beach for bathing. Quite challenging on return.

Assembly: Entrance to Central Bank Auditorium (7.00 am) and Pillars Saddle Rd., Maraval (7.30am). Rating (5)



Hikers’ favorite Independence Day cool down.

Assembly: Cor.O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Rating (3) Fair


September ‘07



These spectacular falls are hidden in the Northern Range..

Assembly: Cor.O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Rating (4) Moderate


A trip to the Sister Isle to explore remote waterfalls and beaches.

Book your travel and accommodation. Please call for updates and details.



A short hike to Avocar Falls then a downstream trek toThree Pools, ending at

Spring Bridge in Blanchisseuse. Life jackets provided.  

Assembly: Entrance to Central Bank Auditorium 6.30am or Sam’s Bar Maracas Bay                                               

at 7.00 a.m.   . Rating(3) Fair                   





MT. HOLOLO to MARACAS BAY             Sun 7th

 A one-way hike from Cascade, over Hololo into Santa Cruz and then over Gasparillo Hill to Maracas Bay. Maxi taxi return. Estimated cost $50.00

Assembly: Entrance to Central Bank Auditorium. Rating (7) Difficult.


 MARACAS FALLS                                       Sun 21st                        

This popular water fall lies at the foot hills of El Tucuche. Optional exploration to 

the top.

Assembly: Cor. Eastern Main Road and Abercromby Street, St. Joseph

(next to the mosque) . Rating (6) difficult , to top of falls.




UPPER MATHURA RIVER                             Sun 4th

An upstream river adventure to explore a hidden wonder of nature.

Assembly: Cor.O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Rating (5) Moderate

SOBO & DOUBLE RIVER FALLS              Sun 18th                                                                                                                                                        

A family hike from Brasso Seco Village through lush forest to enchanting falls.

Assembly: Cor.Churchill Roosevelt H/Way and O’Meara Rd. Arima.

 Rating (3) Fair.

CHRISTMAS PARTY                                   Sat 24th

 Annual all-inclusive party and dance. New venue to be announced.

Call for bookings and cost.




December ‘07


SAUT D’EAU                                                   Sun 2nd

A fitness walk uphill through scenic Paramin Village and downhill to the scenic

 Saut D’eau    beach.

Assembly: Entrance to Central Bank Auditorium.

Rating (7) Difficult


 ANGEL FALLS                                                  Sun 6th

Cascading falls and a great way to start the New Year.

Assembly : Entrance to Central Bank Auditorium 6.30 am or Sam’s Bar,Maracas Bay

at 7.00 a.m.                                               

                  Hikersworld 2007 jerseys on sale $ 45.00

v     Assembly time for all hikes is 7.00 a.m. sharp unless specified.

v     Cost for all hikes is $20 per person unless specified.

v     Kids under 12 yrs are free unless specified.

v     Cost does not include transport, but can be arranged.


                          Important Safety Tips

1.       Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes (long pants preferred).

2.       Keep extra change of clothes in vehicle

3.       Use footwear with good grips on soles.

4.       Pack only what you need for the duration of the hike – drinking water, sandwiches, snacks, insect repellants, medications etc.

5.       Stay on the trail. Venturing off the trail could mean getting lost or stepping on one of the inhabitants of the forests (snakes, etc.).

6.       On approaching any intersection on the trail, one direction will be blocked by fresh cut bush/branches. You must use the unblocked trail. 

7.       If at any time while on the trail, you are uncertain about which direction you should wait for a hike leader. The last person will always be a hike leader.

8.       DO NOT LITTER. Keep our forests clean take your garbage back with you.                          

9.       Be sure of your medical fitness before attempting any hike.

10.   Carry a small waterproof bag to secure car remotes, cameras and cell phones.          


 For further information please contact:

Emile  389-7441/ 740-2860 email:hikersworld@tstt.net.tt        Lisa  727-5086

Mario  623-5821 / 749-2956 email:downtown@tstt.net.tt        Dave 678-1484                                                                                        



Hikers World is not responsible for any injuries sustained by hikers or for any loss or damage to personal property before and after any hikes.



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